Court Bookings

Updated: August 30, 2021

The Racquet Club will be using Club Locker's Court Reservation system starting this September. Below are the instructions on how to login to Club Locker and reserve a court for yourself and another player.

  1. Login to Club Locker


Enter your username (most often your email address) and the password you used to sign up for Club Locker.

Choose "Keep me logged in"

If you have an account, but we have created it for you, you can always change your password by clicking on "Forgot Username/Password".

If you don't have an account, click on "Create free account". When creating your account, please add/affiliate your account to the Racquet Club by choosing "Yellowknife Racquet Club" in the field at the bottom of the form. If you do not affiliate your account to us, you will not be able to make a court reservation until this is done. If you forgot to do this, let us know ( and we will do it for you.

  1. Access the Court Reservations here: (you may want to bookmark the link in your browser for future reference). You can also click on your profile in the top right of the screen, choose the Yellowknife Racquet Club and then choose Reservations when you arrive at the club page.
  2. Click on the date you would like to book a court and the time slot when you would like to play.


  1. In the dialogue box that appears, begin typing the last name of your opponent and choose them from the list that appears. Click on save and your court is booked. You and your opponent will receive an email confirming the booking. If your opponent's name does not appear in the list, choose "Guest" and write their full name (First and Last) in the space provided. Include their email if you want them to be notified of the booking. Click on save and your court is booked. If you don't yet have an opponent, choose "Open" to allow another person to join your court. Click on save and your court is booked. IT IS IMPORTANT, FOR CONTACT TRACING, THAT YOU INCLUDE YOUR GUEST'S FULL NAME OR THAT YOUR OPPONENT ALSO SIGNS UP FOR YOUR COURT BOOKING IF YOU HAVE CHOSEN, "OPEN".

Create Match.png

  1. You may only book one court during Prime Time (6pm to 8pm, Monday to Friday). You can make a booking up to 5 days in the future.
  2. To cancel a booking, return to the Reservations page, and click on your original reservation and choose "Delete". Please note, at the time of this document, "Edit" under "My Reservations" is not working. It is being looked into.
  3. If you have any questions, please contact me at