We are very proud of employees and the work we do here at the Racquet Club, but don't believe just us. Here are what others have to say.

Something for everyone!

Arrived in Yellowknife, recently retired, not knowing anyone, unfit and overweight.

Having gone to the Trade Show, where the Racquet Club had a stand, I was persuaded to give it a try! I was a little intimidated at first but it didn't take long to find that there are so many activities for all fitness levels. The staff are aways friendly, available to help and/or give advice that my fears weer quickly overcome. Regular social activities are also offered should you wish to participate. Something for everyone!

Great atmosphere, have a workout, take a class soak in the hot tub or just sit and have coffee. Am I still intimidated? Absolutely not!

-- Trish

"Proud to be a member..."

Being involved in fitness for years, it was quite a struggle when I injured my knee and was unable to do much of anything.  My years of running were over. After having a knee replacement, the Racquet Club enabled me to rehabilitate using the wide variety of strength and cardio equipment.  The months of recovery were daunting, however I was greeted and encouraged by the staff on a daily basis.  After some time I started to attend non impact, but challenging classes,  such as barre, yoga, spin, and core. The instructors are knowledgable and offer modifications to exercises in order that all shapes, sizes, ages (yes even 55 plus) and abilities can participate.  Four months ago it was difficult to go up the stairs. I am now happily going to classes and building strength in the weight training room six days a week.  Attending any fitness club can be intimidating, however the Racquet Club atmosphere is welcoming and professional.  I'm proud to be a member and thankful such a facility is available in Yellowknife. 

-- Heather Chang

There's a class for this

“I am someone who hated (hates) to work out.  My sister has always loved it.  She convinced me about a year ago (after 4 years) to try this new class that she liked at the Racquet Club, she assured me it was not a cardio class.  I went to my first class on a Tuesday.  That was it, I was hooked.  I like the mix of moves, strengthening and instructors.  Each instructor challenges you in different ways while encouraging you and making you want to do better. I still hate exercise, but I love these classes and hate to miss one.  I recommend this class and all the instructors to everyone. As a bonus….my clothes fit better and above all….I feel better!”

-- Anne Marie