Yoga Class Descriptions

Yoga Class Descriptions

Athletic Flow

This class is designed to help the athlete in all of us by improving flexibility, balance, joint mobility & breath awareness.

You will be lead through a Vinyasa yoga sequence that will focus on opening the hips, quads and hamstrings, while also providing poses to strengthen your core and improve your balance. A great compliment to any endurance program or sport specific training and for those looking to gain more flexibility and mobility in their body.

Yoga props will be used to release tight muscles and to assist in deepening the poses.

Beginner & Beyond Yoga

If you have been curious about yoga this class is for you! It will teach you the basics and allow you to progress at your own pace.
Consistent attendance will build your skills, confidence and familiarity with the poses. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your own yoga mat. Bare feet recommended.

Blissful Hatha

This class is bases on traditional hatha yoga. The foundations of this alignment-based class will help you hold your physical postures in correct alignment while incorporating breath work and a mind-body connection. Expect to improve your flexibility, core strength, balance, concentration, and mindfulness.


Each class will conclude with 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra.



Hatha yoga simply refers to a set of physical poses designed to align the body and increase physical extension and stability.  Hatha is translated as “sun” (ha) and “moon”(tha), relating to opposites explored such as effort and surrender, strength and length, and an even quality of breath.  Participants will benefit from reduced tightness, increased mobility and circulation as well as improved balance and posture.  In addition, the focus on breath awareness promotes calm and builds clarity of mind while facilitating greater ease and energy in the entire body.Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your own yoga mat. Bare feet recommended.

Maintaining Balance


This class will emphasize poses that will maintain flexibility particularly of the spine and hips as well as strengthening core and back muscles to keep the back and spine in good condition. Norma's yoga teaching background is largely from Restorative yoga so there will be some of these principles included for a restful and relaxed meditation portion.

Mindful Hatha


Life and work can be stressful. Things happen that we’re not always prepared for. Mindful Yoga has the ability to train your mind to be less reactive and more present and awake. Not only will you leave feeling amazing after class–the benefits of Mindfulness permeate post-class into your daily life. The more you practice the more you’ll receive the benefits that mindfulness has to offer.

Even if you’ve never done Yoga before–this class is for you. You’ll be given plenty of options to ensure your body receives exactly what you need.

Power Yoga


Power is a fitness-based Vinyasa practice. Each 60 minute yoga class is set to energizing music with a focus on building strength, flexibility, and breath awareness. You will leave this class feeling energized and strong, with a sweaty glow. All levels welcome to join.

Renewing Flow


An energizing and opening flow practice where a variety of poses are grounded with renewing breath and mental focus.  The rich potential for intensity and edge-playing is balanced with emphasis on self-care and surrender.

Restorative Yoga

Originally designed to help with recovery from illness or injury, Restorative Yoga encourages deep relaxation and meditation to restore health and peace of mind by finding the power of inner healing. It may feel like you are doing nothing but the effects are undeniable. Please wear comfortable (warm) clothing and bring your own yoga mat. Socks recommended.



Vinyasa, the link of breath and movement, creates a flowing rhythm, moving you from posture to poster. The class will emphasize alignment and longer posture holds to build strength and increase flexibility. Each week the emphasis will vary with upper body strength, back bending, forward bending or chest and hip opening. 

Yang, Yin

This yoga class is a perfect blend of strength and stretch. A Yang (Vinyasa flow) practice will proceed the relaxing and lengthening elements of Yin Yoga, bringing the body and mind to stillness. Long asanas (postures) help to lengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments to increase circulation in the joints and increase flexibility. You will leave feeling nurtured and refreshed.

Yin and Restore


Yin is a passive yet challenging asana practice. Yin poses stretch, strengthen and enhance the natural range of mobility the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. You will be in a pose for 3-5 minutes which will also increase the flow of energy to the tissues around the joints.  This quiet, still practice also trains the mind to become comfortable with discomfort. We will close with one or two restorative poses. These are also held for a long period but are focused on resting the parasympathetic nervous system through intense relaxation. The perfect way to end the week and prepare for the weekend.