Alex Ferrara

I believe that yoga is a deeply personal practice, and through intuition, movement, breath, and permission to let go- each individual can find empowerment and cultivate their own style to move in a way that makes sense for their body. For me, the most important benefit in yoga is strengthening the mind- body connection. Our health, intuition, and self esteem can all can grow exponentially! The subtleties we discover on our mats can have lasting and profound effects on our lives. Whether you are new to yoga or your mat is well worn… It is truly a blessing to share this practice with you! Namaste~!

  • 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training- Hari Om Costa Rica
  • 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training- Tao Yoga Collective
  • Yoga Alliance Certified- 2016

Alicia Larade

For me fitness has always been a key component for maintaining balance in my life. After I had my children it became not only a way to stay in shape, but also a way to relieve stress, connect with friends and have fun. I decided to combine my day job as a school teacher and my passion for fitness to help others discover all that fitness has to offer.

  • AFLCA Group Fitness Instructor - STEP designation, Moveball Signature, MOC Barre Method
  • Pound Pro

Alison Devitt

I love sharing my passion for yoga through playful strength-based classes. Whether you are new to yoga, or have been practicing for years, I would love to have you join me on your mat.

My hope for each class is to leave you smiling, sweating and feeling energized!

  • 200 HR Vinyasa & Hatha Certified with Yogacara
  • Shakti Flow
  • AFLCA Group Fitness Leader
  • Bachelor in Kinesiology
  • February 2019 - Functional Foam Rolling™

Allyson Arychuk

 I love fitness! Fitness for me is a way for me to practice self-care, self-empowerment, and makes me push myself outside of my physical comfort zone every day. As a nurse, I also know that health promotion is key in the long run for living a long, healthy life.
Instructing is an incredible way for me to combine my love for fitness with my passion for helping others feel empowered and motivated. Whether I am training a client or teaching a class, I want people to feel motivated, empowered, and proud of their hard work. My job is to help people realize that they can do anything they set their mind to.

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Registered Nurse, Perinatal Certified (RN PN(C))
  • Associate Performance Coach
  • Keiser Spin Certification

Andrea Nilson

For me, dance has always been the best form of release and the most enjoyable type of workout. While it requires discipline and strength, dance is unique because it allows you to express yourself and awakens your fun, carefree side.

In my DanceFIT class, I strive to make you forget that you’re “working out” as I challenge your mind and body with intentional choreography. I thrive off the energy of others, and my true motivation for teaching is to prove that EVERYbody is a dancer - yes, even you!

  • 7 years as a dance instructor at Bella Dance Academy
  • CPR & AED Certified
  • Working towards AFLCA Group Training Certification

Caroline Newberry

It’s a simple as this...motivating others motivates me.  One of my favorite thoughts on health and fitness is “You are who you choose to be.  The best project you’ll ever work on is you.” The energy, comraderie and motivation found in this gym inspires me to be a better coach, a better leader, a better partner, friend and a better human. Let’s work on some projects together you guys!

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • AFLCA Group Exercise Leader
  • AFLCA Spin

Cassandra Trevisani

I was introduced to yoga 6 years ago when my mom began teaching classes in our basement. What began as a simple practice to stretch and relax, transformed into much more. For me, yoga has not only strengthened my physical body but has brought a balance to my mental, emotional and spiritual body.

I enjoy teaching classes that focus on linking breath with body movement. Through breath and movement, we can strengthen our mental and physical health. I believe yoga is a fantastic supplement to many other physical activities, from sports to weightlifting, and it can also be so beneficial on its own. If you have never tried yoga before, I invite you to step onto the mat and see all that it has to off to you!

  • 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training
  • 5-HR Hands on Assist Training

Catherine Ardiles

"Make taking care of yourself a priority"

I love having the opportunity to teach fitness classes, this is hands down one of the best jobs someone could have! I'm here ready to cheer you on and celebrate wherever you are in your fitness journey, and hopefully motivate you to try new things.

As a nurse I know that one of the keys to living a long healthy life is movement, and working out should be a celebration of what your body can do.  So many options for you to try at this club, and so many great people to motivate you to keep going - so come workout with us!!!!

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • AFLCA Group Exercise Leader
  • MOC Barre Certified
  • ViPR Group Fitness
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • February 2019 - Functional Foam Rolling™

Cheryl Houweling

I love the positive power and energy generated in group fitness classes. I’ve been benefiting from these classes at the RC for years. And now, I’m so excited to be instructing! Spin Rev is the ultimate feel good work out. When you get into the music and anticipation for the choreography, you forget how hard you’re actually working. You get caught up in the music as you benefit from a challenging spin class and harness the power of the group to reach your goals. We’ve all heard that exercise makes you happy - come let me prove it to you! 

  • CFES Fitness Knowledge Certified
  • Oranj Fitness Intensive Cycle Instructor Certification Course
  • Standard First Aid CPR & AED Certified

Cheryl Minkoff

Take care of yourself and then you can take care of others. I love to share the practice of yoga with all ages. It has helped me physically and mentally. I approach the practice with connecting what I think are the important elements:  Breath, Mind and Body. No matter what your level is, there is a way to connect to and practice yoga.

  • 200 YTT Midnight Sun Yoga Teacher Training with Do Something! Yoga’s Sylvie Boisclair
  • Teen Yoga Certification with Yogaminded
  • 15hr Yin Training with Melissa Christensen
  • Kids Yoga
  • Yoga for Special Needs with Yoga In My School
  • Girl on Fire Certification

Dani Dickson

I train at the gym and attend fitness classes with high energy and high intensity to improve and feel accomplished. My goal is to inspire others to also share this outlook, and to have you leave the workout with both physical and mental satisfaction. I use a variety of equipment and a mix of techniques to get you to the next level. Regardless of how you feel coming into my classes- it’s time to earn your day, and leave motivated to drive harder and faster the next time around.

A quote I train by: "The muscle of kickassery is like any other muscle- you have to use it or lose it." - Jen Sincero.

  • Certified CanfitPro Group Fitness Instructor
  • Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification

Devin Madsen

“Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.”

I’m a Yellowknife native with a passion for fitness. For me, personal training is an opportunity to change someone’s life, physically and mentally. Seeing positive changes in clients is my motivation. My schooling has given me the confidence to work with clients of all fitness levels and help them reach their goals.

  • NAIT PT Diploma
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Canadian Weight Lifting Federation - Level 1
  • AFLCA Group Exercise - Spin Designation
  • February 2019 - Functional Foam Rolling™

Diana Curtis

Wellness is important to me and my family. I enjoy sharing my passion and energy in a group fitness class to help bring balance to people’s lives through exercise. Working with participants to meet their personal goals while enjoying their time moving! I’m proud of you, each time you step into a group fitness class, we leave with high fives, a wet pat on the back, new friendships, and that satisfaction that you made time for your wellness. Thank you for sharing your time with me!

  • AFLCA Group Ex – Portable Equipment
  • TRX Certified
  • ViPr Certified
  • Barre
  • MOC Barre
  • MoveBall
  • Pound Pro
  • February 2019 - Functional Foam Rolling™

Erwin Sumcad

Building relationships and friendships with the members is what strengthens me inside and out, and my goal is to share that with you.  I do what I love and love what I do, all because of you: the members.  We embark on our own personal journeys with the vision of creating the strongest versions of ourselves.  Here at the Racquet Club, we believe in you and support you every step of the way, on your road to what YOUR definition of success is!

Thank you, my friends, for letting me be part of your amazing journey!  

  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Moveball
  • Former CANFIT Pro Personal Training Specialist

Heather Scott

"To train for life", plain and simple :-)

  • 8-hour Move ball signature instructor training course
  • Keiser indoor cycling instructor training program
  • Spin workshop with Helen Vanderburg
  • Spin workshop with Geoff Bagshaw
  • Fitness fusion with Helen Vanderberg

Jarrett Vornbrock

Fitness has always been a big part of my life and I enjoy using my experience to help others reach their goals. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are at, all that matters is that you put forth your best effort and you will see the results you deserve.

  • TFW level 1 Certification
  • Canadian Weightlifting Federation Level 1
  • Fivestar amateur MMA Flyweight Champion
  • 2016 Nation Canadian MMA Flyweight Champion
  • 2016 Ontario Kickboxing Provincial Champion
  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Blue Belt

Jocelyn Apps

Julian Kanigan

My goal is to create an authentic cycling experience for participants that feels like a ride on the open road. Every ride I want to help you harness the power of the group to do something you thought you couldn’t do.

  • Spin certification
  • AFLCA fitness leader in-training

Karin Taylor

I love moving, sweating, lifting, and being challenged with new goals. Investing in yourself through fitness pays off in so many ways, and can have positive impacts in all areas of life. I love teaching because it allows me to share this gift with others. I strive to make my classes challenging, motivating, and above all – fun.

  • Teaching at the RC since 2009
  • Certified by AFLCA as Group Exercise Instructor with specialities in Spin, Portable Equipment, and StrengthTraining.
  • Also certified in ViPR, TRX, MoveBall and MoC Barre.

Kelli Ann McKim

I have been a fitness professional for 30 years and am certified in numerous modalities.

My passion is helping members achieve their highest potential in all aspects of their lives.  To assist them to move from a place of "ordinary" to "extraordinary" in a loving, supportive, non-competitive environment Is key.

  • Step, slide, rebounder, strength & conditioning
  • ViPR, TRX, Bender Ball, MoveBall
  • Bender Barre, Barre, Body Bar and Spin

Ken Eng

Sports and fitness have always been a life style for me. They help to provide me with a great quality of life, physically and mentally. I thrive on pushing myself to see what my limits are and what I am capable of – “life begins at the edge of one’s comfort level”!

As an instructor, I want to share my knowledge and passion for fitness with people. My goal is to help people move towards their fitness goals and I love seeing them gain confidence in themselves along the way! 

  • AFLCA – Group Fitness Leader (Portable Equipment, Cycle)
  • MOC Barre
  • TRX Functional Training
  • AFLCA – Resistance Training – In training
  • February 2019 - Functional Foam Rolling™

Kera Love

Kera Love has just recently moved to town and has joined the RC yoga team! Kera received her training in Mysore, India.

  • Ashtanga RYT 200 - Mysore, India 2018
  • Yoga Alliance - 2018

Kevin Tam

Exercise is fun. Work hard. Play Hard. Push yourself. You'll see results.

  • Bachelor in Kinesiology
  • Masters in Physiotherapy
  • AFLCA Group Fitness Leader

Leslie Gray

I teach because I think everyone should practice yoga! Especially athletes - If I could, I'd live at the RC and instruct yoga after each high intensity class. Yoga is the stretching every athlete needs to do but packaged in a way that feels like you're giving yourself an amazing gift, like a massage or a spa day! It has so many benefits and it has changed my life. Most importantly, I love to move and breaking a sweat makes me feel alive.

  • YTT 200
  • 50 hour yin training
  • 40 hour restorative training

Melanie Williams

I love the challenge and life balance that fitness provides. The mental and physical feeling you get after a great workout is priceless and I want everyone to experience that!

  • Performance Indoor Cycling Course – Krista Popowich

Melissa Chung

Yoga and fitness provide a grounding energy and vitality in my life which I truly enjoy sharing with others.  My blended style and mind-body focus for the classes I instruct continues to evolve on the foundation of healthy alignment, movement, and body opening.  I am passionate about the joy that arises when we move our bodies and the peace we develop through relieving mental and physical tension. 

  • 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (YTA) and AFLCA Certified Fitness Leader with specialities in spin, step, and mind body.
  • Additional fitness certifications in MOC Barre Method, Fusion Fitness, and TRX.

Natasha Ramm

I LOVE being a part of  participants reach their goals. If it is to sweat, burn calories, to get stronger/faster or just to get their mind off of work, I love being a part of that. I am here to motivate and encourage, and really enjoy every moment of it!

  • AFLCA Group Exercise leader
  • MOC Barre, TRX Suspension, MoveBall, Power Pilates, ViPR, Fusion Fitness
  • 200hr Yoga Fit Canada
  • 40hr Restorative Yoga
  • February 2019 - Functional Foam Rolling™

Nikki Johansen

Eat, sleep, spin, repeat!  

I truly believe that the pursuit of a healthy and happy lifestyle begins with the decisions we make today. In order to grow we must challenge ourselves physically and mentally each and every day. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just dusting off the old training wheels, all fitness levels are welcome!  Get ready for some high energy, fast-paced fun with some killer tunes!

  • Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR-C
  • Performance Indoor Cycling Course - Krista Popowych
  • AFLCA Group Exercise Leader - Portable Equipment
  • AFLCA Group Exercise Leader - Spin Designation
  • February 2019 - Functional Foam Rolling™

Norma French-Heslep

Finding balance of mind body spirit and emotion has been a life time pursuit. My yoga practice has helped me regain a balanced life and I believe it can help anyone interested attaining this goal.

  • Moksana yoga centre in Victoria BC
  • Sivinanda yoga with Silvie Bosclair Yellowknife
  • February 2019 - Functional Foam Rolling™

Personal Trainers

Rosie Taylor

I love the vibe of a good workout.  I love to see the change in energy by the end of a class- the physical fatigue is evident but the participants are glowing.

  • BPE, BScN
  • February 2019 - Functional Foam Rolling™

Sabrina Lakhani

Do more of what makes you awesome.

  • Bsc Kinesiology
  • Reebok Certified Cycle Instructor: Level 1 Spin Instructor
  • St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid- Level C CPR & AED
  • (AFLCA): Group Exercise Leadership & Specialization in Portable Equipment

Skylar Urschel

I love teaching spin because it’s an incredible workout that is accessible for riders of all levels, ages and abilities! It’s a great way to get lost in the music and get a killer workout in without realizing how hard you are actually working! However, I believe my favourite part is that as an instructor I have the ability to make people feel empowered, accomplished and amazing about themselves in less than an hour!

  • BSc with specialization in Human Kinetics
  • C.O.R.E. Indoor Cycling – Level I
  • Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR-C
  • CCAA Functional Fitness for Falls Prevention certified

Toni Riley

When I lead a yoga class, my greatest reward is seeing folks surrender to a pose – reaching that ‘aha’ moment that blends the physical rewards of the practice with the more subtle magic of mindfulness and gratitude. In this way, I have been rewarded countless times over the past 15 years as both a certified yoga teacher and practitioner.  My yoga practice continues to evolve but a constant has always been to have fun and keep growing.  

  • 40 hr/2017 – Restorative - Andrea Pelosso
  • 50 hr/ 2008 – Yin Yoga – Bernie Clarke
  • YYT 200 hr/ 2007 – Trinity Yoga/Nelson BC
  • 6 weeks/2003 – Asthtanga Yoga Research Institute, Mysore, India – Sri Patthabi Jois
  • Numerous 15-20 hr intensives: Sarah Powers, Desiree Rumbaugh, Doug Swenson, John Friend, Sean Corn, Eddie Modestini
  • Certified Group Fitness Leader: 1995-2006