Past Articles

Past Articles

Posted on: Monday, Oct 28 2019

Peeing, just little bit, when you jump. Peeing, just a little bit, when you sneeze. Peeing, just a little bit, when you laugh.

Posted on: Monday, Jul 1 2019

The increasing sunshine gives us all a little boost – whether you find yourself naturally waking up a little earlier, or finally feel like you want to get out for a lunch hour walk there is just mo

Posted on: Friday, Mar 8 2019

Bouncing is one of the best ways to create those magical endorphins that make every stitch of possible daily stress vanish from your mind…

Posted on: Monday, Feb 4 2019

A lot of my friends and women I work out with in group exercise class often ask me about the weight room. During these conversations they usually lower their voice and ask to talk to me in private…

Posted on: Thursday, Sep 27 2018

As the leaves outside begin to change colour, kids start to go back to school and parkas come out of hiding, it’s nice to distract ourselves with what’s inevitably coming… winter.

Posted on: Wednesday, Jan 31 2018

So now that you set a fitness goal, how do you stay on track to achieve it?

Posted on: Friday, Nov 24 2017

You may have arrived at the Club and heard up-beat, thumping music coming from just down the hall and wondered what’s going on. There’s a good chance it was a Spin class, one of the many fitness classes offered at the Racquet Club.

Posted on: Thursday, Oct 12 2017

1. Yoga Has Nothing To Do With Being Flexible

I know­­–this comes to a shock to a lot of people. The truth is if you want to be flexible you should check out the training for Cirque du Soleil. Nobody is as flexible as a gymnast.

Posted on: Friday, Mar 3 2017

I’ve been an exercise addict for as long as I can remember. In activities from ballet to baseball since the age of five, I loved all forms of movement – running, dancing, swimming, and especially team sports.

Posted on: Wednesday, Dec 7 2016

It's hard to believe that we are just a few months away from completion!

Our builder, Niels Konge, provided us with an additional 800 square feet of space in our weight room!