YKRC Statement on Harassment

The Yellowknife Racquet Club believes that every individual has the right to dignity and respect both within our facilities and outside. Our community is made strong by working together to improve or maintain our fitness and socialize in a safe space.  Mutual respect is the cornerstone of this cooperation. This policy addresses harassment and discrimination in our facilities for which we could be called upon to address.

Definition of Harassment:

Harassment is an expression of power and superiority by one person or group over another person or group, often for reasons of sex, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, family or marital status, social or economic class, political or religious affiliation or language. Harassment can also be personal in nature and unrelated to the grounds listed above. Harassment can include, but is not limited to, the following type of behaviour:

  • unwelcome remarks, jokes, innuendoes, taunts or other discriminatory communication in any media;
  • insulting gestures or practical jokes which cause someone embarrassment or discomfort;
  • display of offensive or pornographic pictures, graffiti or other materials;
  • placing unreasonable limitations on someone because of a perceived need (e.g., disability, pregnancy, etc.);
  • leering (sexually suggestive staring);
  • demands for sexual favours;
  • unnecessary physical contact such as touching, patting or pinching; or
  • physical assault.

YKRC’s Process for Dealing with Harassment:

Where allegations of harassment have risen, the Yellowknife Racquet Club is committed to ensuring that all members of our Club have:

  • the right to fair and due process and to confidentiality, subject to appropriate disclosure to those involved, and
  • assistance in settling the matter at the earliest stage possible.

Any member/employee of the Yellowknife Racquet Club who is found guilty of harassment may face consequences inclusive of but not limited to suspension/termination of membership/employment. The Yellowknife Racquet Club commits to and encourages resolution at the lowest level possible and would only use such extreme measures where no other option to address the behaviour is possible.

3 Steps to Reporting Harassment:

Step 1 - involves approaching the person exhibiting the unwanted behaviour and expressing that their behaviour is unwanted and inappropriate.  There may be circumstances where the behaviour is so egregious, or the complainant is too uncomfortable to approach the other party, in which case the complainant may skip directly to step 2.

Step 2 - involves providing as much information and detail as possible to either Karen Depew karen@ykracquetclub.com (Co-manager/owner) or Devin Madsen devin@ykracquetclub.com (Co-manager/owner). Complaints should contain as much of the following as possible if known:


  • Time and Date of offense
  • Location of offense
  • Name or description of offender
  • Description of the offense itself and explanation of why it is unwanted, offensive or discriminatory
  • Name of the complainant
  • Name of any witnesses to the offense
  • Any documentation or evidence

Karen or Devin will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 24 hours unless an extenuating situation exists.

Within 72 hours an assessment of the complaint and investigation will commence including potentially interviewing participants, witnesses and reviewing the facilities camera systems.

Within 14 days the result of the investigation will be discussed with the complainant and a resolution suggested. Any Human Resource action that is taken will not be shared due to confidentiality.

Should the complainant disagree with the results and proposed resolution, they may appeal to Step 3. They may also submit a complaint directly at Step 3 if either Karen or Devin are the respondents or the complainant has reason to believe with rationale that Karen and/or Devin may be biased in the circumstances.

Step 3 - involves providing the same information as step 2 to Avery Parle avery@ykracquetclub.com (YKRC President/owner). The same timelines as Step 2 apply to Step 3.