A lot of people go into making the RC what it is. Below is a list of all of our proud employees.

Management Team

Catherine Ardiles

Fitness Director

Dave Zethof

Member Services Lead

Devin Madsen

Assistant Manager / Facilities Manager

Jeff Hipfner

Squash Pro, Media Manager

Karen Depew

Member Relations Manager

Kelli Ann McKim

General Manager/Owner

Nikki Johansen

Front Desk Manager / Event Coordinator

Front Desk Staff

Anneluzelia Hernandez

Breanna Bray

Danielle Gillard

Dave Zethof

Dayna Polakoff

Emma Tutton

Gale Payne

Jeanne Yurris

John Mark Mabilog

Laura Malone

Mariah Macdonald

Meagan Shouhda

Meagan Wohlberg

Meyha Oake

Nicole Garbutt

Nicole Whitford

Wally Larocque