Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

As the RC grows, our membership system must also undergo some changes. Coming this year we will be switching our membership system to MINDBODY.
Over the next few weeks we will invite you to information sessions that will help you with this transition.

For now, we need your email address to create an account for you on MINDBODY's system. Please drop by our front desk and ask our staff to add your email address to your current account.  

What does this change mean for you?

With the new change, we will be better able to serve our members. This includes:

  • Electronic receipts for your monthly membership dues,
  • Membership contract renewal reminders,
  • Class enrollment notifications,
  • Class cancellation notices,
  • Reminder of Club hours changing,
  • Up and coming events at the RC,
  • Reminder of credit card information expiring,
  • Our monthly newsletter,
  • Unexpected maintenance issues (such as the hot tub is closed).