Squash Drills

Squash Drills

At the moment, squash is limited to solo practice, play between two members living in the same household or by being a member of a 5-person squash bubble.

Until the situation changes, why not work on your fitness and racquet skills! Below is a link to a solo routine you can download and use to practice different shots. Mark down the number of targets you hit to see your progression over time.


If you’re looking for some more ideas, here are a couple of videos you can watch. Some of the practices in the videos are also contained in the solo routine above:

Squash Skills – solo practice with Joey Barrington

AWsome Sports Squash Coaching - Solo Practices

For fitness, try this 16-minute, ghosting and exercise drill. Do each of the following activities for 1 minute before moving on to the next. I use the app “Seconds Pro” to set up this routine so I don’t have to think about what comes next, but any timer will work. No breaks between each exercise :-)

1. Front V: Ghost shots into the front corners of the court, returning to the T and switching sides between each in a V pattern
2. Burpees
3. Side-to-side: Ghost shots at the service line on each side of the court, moving through the T
4. Lunges
5. Back V: Ghost shots into the back corners of the court, returning and switching sides between each in a V pattern.
6. Sit ups
7. Right side: Ghost the same three shots, but along the RIGHT side of the court
8. Hopping – hop over one of the court lines, from side-to-side
9. Left side: Ghost the same three shots, but along the LEFT side of the court
10. Plank (supporting yourself either on your hands or forearms)
11. All 6 spots: Ghost all 6 positions starting with the front V, then side-to-side through the T and finish with the back V. Repeat
12. Squats
13. Four corners: Starting at the back corner of the court, run to the opposite front corner, then to the back corner on that same side, moving through the T, and finally to the opposite front court. Run back through the T and start over from the back left corner (back, left corner > front, right corner > back, right corner > front, left corner)
14. Fast feet: pick a line on the court and step over and back with each foot in an “over-over-back-back” pattern
15. One-step: From the T, ghost a quick, 1-step shot towards each of the 4 corners of the court
16. Push-ups

For more ideas, contact our Squash Pro, Jeff Hipfner – jeff@ykracquetclub.com