Functional Foam Rolling for Squash Players

Functional Foam Rolling for Squash Players

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Join Devin Madsen, PT, from 1pm - 3pm for this course on foam rolling geared towards, but not exclusive to, squash players.

Members $80 Non-Members $100 – Price INCLUDES the Travel Roller

Played last weekend?  New to squash? You don't have to be a squash player but we will focus on the major muscle groups used for squash in this session.

Foam rolling is a unique technique that can restore function to muscles that have lost integrity due to hard training and repetitive movement. By applying the foam roller to involved areas and releasing the soft-tissue, the repair and restoration of full integrity will dramatically allow the athlete to recover faster and maximally allow the muscles to function this will lead to improved athletic performance.