Why you should ignore that voice in your head and go down to the weight room ladies…

Why you should ignore that voice in your head and go down to the weight room ladies…

A lot of my friends and women I work out with in group exercise class often ask me about the weight room. During these conversations they usually lower their voice and ask to talk to me in private. In very dismissive and sometimes apologetic tones they say, “Maybe one of these days I’ll try the weight room but I don’t want to get too bulky,” or “I want to try lifting weights but the equipment is intimidating and I don’t know what I’m doing,” and most often…”I feel stupid down there. It’s scary”.

Yup. I get it. I did too and I felt all of those feelings as well.

Here are 5 reasons you should ignore that voice in your head and go down to the weight room:

  1. You’re worth it.
    For one thing you are the only person down there who cares what you’re doing. Everyone else has their own agenda and their own workout and the truth is they probably aren’t paying any attention.
  2. Weight training is key to losing fat and shaping your body.
    Weight training builds lean muscle.  Building lean muscle means you are utilizing body fat and carbohydrates as an energy source. Simple math folks…the more muscle you have the more calories you burn (yes, even while sitting on the couch – after your workout of course). 
  3. Weight training does not equal bulky muscles
    The biggest myth women believe is by lifting weights they will get too “bulky”. The fact is we don’t have enough testosterone (muscle building hormone) to build muscle like men do. Unless someone is paying or sponsoring you and it’s your full time job (bodybuilders) you are unlikely to follow a specific weight training and eating plan that will make you look like a female Arnold. Women who are jacked are genetically predisposed or are doing it for a living.
  4. Weight training improves bone density, athleticism and prevents injury
    Who doesn’t want this?  Seriously. I mean come on.
  5. Weight training boosts self esteem, confidence and mood.
    Again…who doesn’t want this? For real girls. First off anyone who knows me knows this is TRUE. A bad day can turn into a great one after a gym sesh where you feel accomplished and spent. Strength training has immediate gains, often from week to week.  Endorphin release after a workout boosts mood and as you see those gains from week to week your self esteem improves too.

So how do you ignore that daunting voice so you can get on that strength training program? There are lots of ways…find a person, any person to go down there with you. Whether you’re both new or you go with a “seasoned” lifter there is strength in numbers. Hire a personal trainer to give you hands on instruction on technique, form, programming and use of equipment. Once you know what you’re doing the sky’s the limit!  Watch instructional videos on form and technique and pick a program you think would suit your lifestyle and goals. 

Bottom line. Invest in yourself. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make. Oh…and weight training makes you look kinda badass.

Caroline Newberry, Fitness Instructor