Why fitness?

Why fitness?

Initially, I got into the fitness industry because I excelled in gym class and knew I wanted a career that would keep me moving.

Becoming a personal trainer seemed like a good option, so I pursued this path. I am very interested in the body and what it is physically capable of. We are able to do amazing things and most of us don’t know what we are truly capable of. It is fulfilling to set up a plan with clients and work with them to achieve their goals. Sometimes, they have little faith, but with hard work and dedication they are pleasantly surprised with the results.

After completing my personal trainer diploma, I remember thinking “this is it.”

Since working at the Racquet Club, I now see all the different opportunities within the fitness industry. I’ve tried a variety of classes and I’m now hooked on SPIN! The music, the drills, and the atmosphere are what keep me coming back for more! I love that the instructor up at the front works just as hard as the participants and an added bonus is that it acts as a fantastic cross training exercise. 

As an avid squash player, nothing complements my game better than spin. A 40 minute ride will leave you sweaty, out of breath, and feeling accomplished. Even though the rider is in total control of their own resistance and speed, instructors are up there to push you out of your comfort zone. I definitely think spin is one of the best workouts one can do and encourage my fellow squash players to give it a try!

In closing, fitness and fun both start with the letter “F”. Coincidence? I think not!