Get Back to Your Fitness Routine

Get Back to Your Fitness Routine

As the leaves outside begin to change colour, kids start to go back to school and parkas come out of hiding, it’s nice to distract ourselves with what’s inevitably coming… winter.

Why not get back into routine and focus on your health and fitness?

Fitness and breaking a sweat will make you feel good inside and out, it will increase your confidence, it will change your mindset, and it’s fun!

Fall is always the prime time to set fitness goals and get back into a solid routine so I’ve created a list of some tips and tricks that always help me and my clients get back on track:

1. JUST START: If you can make it through the first week you can make it through the second, third, fourth etc.! Start off easy and do what you’re comfortable with. This is a perfect way to reintroduce yourself to fitness and get back into your routine. Trying to work out every day and killing yourself to do so is not the goal. Get back into the routine that works for you - one that is a manageable and maintainable.

2. SET ACHEIVABLE GOALS: As a personal trainer, I see the difference between members who are committed to setting and achieving their goals and members who simply come in for their workout and peace out. Setting goals will hold you accountable to getting to the gym even when you’re contemplating staying home.

Example of a goal: I go to the gym twice a week for 4 weeks, completing 1 strength training and 1 cardio session per week. On week 2 and 4 I add in a group fitness class of my choosing. OR I go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

3. WORKOUT, EAT, DRINK, SLEEP, REPAEAT:  Working out challenges your body physically and mentally; it’s a stress that the body needs in order to grow and be stronger! If your body is not getting the proper hydration, fuel, and rest that it needs to recover from this stress, the body will break down.

Eat healthy (#saladtime), drink tons of water (carry a water bottle), get lots of sleep (more than 6 hours) and you’ll feel a difference while doing AND recovering from your workout.

4. HAVE FUN!: Working on your health and fitness is a positive choice and should be celebrated! Figure out what gets you excited about coming to the gym – it could be how it makes you feel, the music, the people you get to spend time with, or the results you’re seeing! Whatever it is for you, embrace it and let it motivate you!  Remember, there are SO many options that you can choose from: spin class, running, squash, HIIT classes, yoga, resistance training, and more! Don’t hate ‘em till you try ‘em!

Getting back into a fitness routine is exciting! The time to focus on your health and fitness is NOW! It’s time to be the best version of YOU.